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Being congruous matters in television.

What edge gives Jay Leno better interviews than Jimmy Kimmel?

Dr. Albert Morabian of UCLA said that communication is

• 55% visual • 38% auditory • 7% verbal

  1. 55% visual means that the look of the talent within their environment matters a great deal.

  2. 38% auditory means that the sound and tonality of the talent’s voice is also important.

  3. 7% verbal means that the writers need to do a good job, but even the best and brightest can never overcome mistakes made visually.

Richard Lund has studied both Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmel’s programs and has noticed a distinct difference in the congruity of the background images.

When seated, Jay Leno has a congruous match with his cityscape with regard to scale and horizon, with the colors in jewel tones which blend well with Jay Leno’s own color values.

Jimmy Kimmel has a discrepancy with the horizon of the background, adding a jarring visual element which reduces his performance’s effectiveness.

In television being congruous matters. Please consider adding Richard Lund to your team when you design your news or interview programming.

John Retsek, designer of Tavis Smiley, understands horizon.

Note the grey line that marks the horizon and how well the foreground and background show harmony.

Tavis Smiley brings a trustworthy character to his set every night and this background contributes to his message instead of interfering with it.